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EST-P series High Pressure Aerosol Can Leak Tester is a tester researched and developed by our own company, the technology can be thought as the world-lead edge cutting technology. The testing process use several high intelligence core technologies, which ensure the tester working stable, fast and reliable, realized the no damage on line testing dream for aerosol can makers.

It is a best replacement product for the water bath tester.



This machine is to be installed directly on the production line, on line eliminate the defective cans (with pin holes, cracked welding, dented flanges etc.) The working principle of this machine is: detect and get a first pressure value after the cans vacuumed when the cans pass through the working heads, keeping some time, then detect again to get a second pressure value, by the calculation of the PLC, compare with the machine setted standard value. If the value is in the standard range, the cans will pass smoothly and go into the next procedure palletizing; if the value is not in the standard range, then means this can is a defective can and will be rejected automatically on the outlet conveyor and collected to a container for factory analyzing use, this is the whole detecting procedure.


  • Improve Product Quality
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Raise Production Efficiency
  • Improve Enterprise Image



Estes EST-P-MPC series Leak Tester is with advanced air pressure leak detection system. It's a new generation of metal container leak-proofness detection equipment which is researched and developed by Estes independently based on Estes' years experience in leak detection technology. Estes technical level has been in the world leading position in metal container tester industry in recent years. Estes technical support also come from guidance of leak detection experts from Southeast Asia. Furthermore, it adopts a number of high intelligent core technologies which guarantee its high speed, stability and realization of online no damage detection. This tester is suitable for all kinds of metal containers, especially for detecting the can sealed with Peel off ends.


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Founded in Singapore, Singapore Estes Engineering Pte. Ltd. focus on researching and developing metal container testing machine since 2009, including food can vacuum leak tester/low pressure leak tester and aerosol can high pressure leak tester. Company has strong research group and well-trained engineering service group, employ can making specialists from all over East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc) ....

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